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Phạm Duy finds an audience in Vietnam


VietNamNet - Musician Pham Duy and his son, singer Duy Quang, have returned  to Vietnam to live and have been granted a licence to perform in musical festivals provided they sing only positive songs.


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Musician Pham Duy and his sons.

’’I heard that I had received the license on my way to

Tan Son Nhat Airport for a flight to Hue. Duy Quang, my son, had just received the invitation of Hue City’s People’s Committee to perform in the opening ceremony of Hue’s traditional Handicrafts Festival.


Next, we will fly to the Overseas Vietnamese Committee in Hanoi on July 25 to pick up the license. We are so grateful for the goodwill and affection of the Government and all the citizens, for ourselves and for our family,” said Duy.


The Department of Art Performance under the Ministry of Culture and Information has approved 10 of Pham Duy’s compositions including Ngam Ngui (lyrics by Huy Can), Ao Anh Sut Chi Duong Ta, from the poem Mau Tim Hoa Sim by Huu Loan, Tinh Cam (lyrics by  Hoang Cam), Dua em tim dong hoa vang and Goi em la doa hoa sau (lyrics by Pham Thien Thu),  Tha la giot mua, Chi chung do thoi, hai nam tinh lan dan, Co Bac Ky nho nho, and Em hien nhu ma soeur (lyrics by Nguyen Tat Nhien).


Duy has also asked for official approval to perform several famous war songs, such as Que Ngheo (Poor Village), Ba me Gio Linh (Mother of Gio Linh), Ben cau bien gioi (On the bridge in border), and Ngay Tro Ve (Return Day).


 Pham Duy was born in Hanoi in 1921. He attended Thang Long High School, the College of Arts and the Ky Nghe Thuc Hanh Vocational College. He taught himself music and studied in France in 1954-55 under Robert Lopez and as an unregistered student at the Institut de Musicologie in Paris.  

 His musical career started as a singer in the Duc Huy musical troupe, performing around the country in 1943-44. He then became a musical cadre during resistance against the French. Settling in the South a few years before Vietnam was divided, Pham Duy's wrote music that reflected all aspects of the Vietnamese' emotional life.  

 Pham Duy divides his career into several periods:

* Folk Songs (Dan Ca), which recorded the images of the Vietnamese during the struggle for independence, culminating in his Song Cycles (Truong Ca), which join several folk tunes to proclaim the greatness of the Vietnamese people.
* Heart' Songs (Tam Ca) - which aimed to awake humanity's conscience, to protest against violence and inhumanity.
* Spiritual Songs (Dao Ca), with a Zen character, which aimed to seek for the truth.
* Profane Songs (Tuc Ca), which tackled head-on hypocritical attitudes and phony virtues.
* Children's Song (Be Ca), Young Women's Songs (Nu Ca) and Peace Songs (Binh Ca), which were songs of joy.

 In addition, his many love songs have been sung and learnt by heart by three generations over the last 40 years.  

 After reunification, Pham Duy and his family went to the United States where he settled in Midway City, California. He continues a minstrel's life and appears regularly all over the world to sing his new refugees' songs (ti nan ca), prisoner's songs (nguc ca) and hoang cam songs.

Pham Duy finds an audience in Vietnam14:08' 18/07/2005 (GMT+7)

(Source: Thanh Nien and Tuoi Tre)

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