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Phim video đàn môi trên thế giới trên


Martin on Jew's Harp and Mike on Hang





Rockin' the Jaw Harp!



Jaw Harp Fun Times!!



Tran Quang Hai performs techno in a jew's harp




Innovative approach: arpeggio on jew's harp set



Chinese Jew's Harp "Kou Xiang" solo @ Dahlem Museum




3 blade chinese jaw harp


Varganautica #1. About Vargan (Jew's Harp). Weird facts

English translation.
You're watching Varganautica program with Olga Scotland.
Vargan (Russian jaw harp) - is no small scaly animal like varan (giant lizard living in sand deserts) or any other lizard. It is small elegant musical instrument.
When someone asks "what is vargan?", the most easy description will be "it is something that chuckchi people play on -- ljaou, ljaou, ljaou". By the name "chukchi" a typical man with Soviet past would mean almost all asian nations that lived at Soviet Asia territory -- from Bashkir people to real Chukchi people.
Indeed, ) really
JTurki people (Asian nation that speak Turki group language  used vargan very much and this is no surprise. Here they call it "komuz", "khomus", "temir-komuz" or "kubhiz". But everyone knows that, so I'll stop only on amazing things.
In Europe vargans are very popular -- especially in Germany and Austria, where they call it "maultrommel". Sometimes the whole town is occupied by production of maultrommels, and in the town of Molln even a monument to maultrommel was erected.
In Russia vargan along with the gusli (ancient Russian string instrument) was found at archeological dig sites of Velikiy (Great) Novgorod city and is dated by 14 century. But considered, that the first "varganaut" in Russia was not a man, but a bear. Do you remember a Russian tale where grandpa planted turnip?... Well, while grandpa was working, lazy bear was sitting on a stub and making sounds from it... Aren't them something familiar to you?
But really weird types of vargan one can meet among insect Asia. In China they make many-petaled bugs and call it "kou-xiang", and in Vietnam -- elegant mantis "dan moi". Some say that tiny brass for dan moi is made by Vietnam craftsmen from bullet shells remained from the Vietnam War.
At the Oceania islands vargan is made from splitted bamboo stem. Not excepted that vargan appeared when cannibal was clearing his teath by picking out the remains of unawary sailor.
But this is another history. Now vargan became electronical. I wonder, what we can NOT meet in Amsterdam!
You do not believe? Then listen! (more) (less)


Bugotak - Khomus (LIVE, Veresk, Moscow)


Khomus playing, Kim from Yakutia




Dinara Kadyrkulova Ainura Arystanova from Kyrgyzstan



Performance of Akha Jew's harp by Lahu








SsąceTechno4ol! ELO!





TECHNO-ssania ciąg dalszy...



Ne'Karombi plays pa'karombi


Karombi is the Torajan Jew's harp



Jama Band


Temir Komuz (Kyrgyz Jaw Harp)



jew's harp -- Couloir by Wang li



Jean Jean french beatboxer guimbarde UP YOUR SOUND !







[French Beatboxer] Jean Jean a la Guimbarde



Guimbarde Dan Moi + Rythmique



throat singing overtones et guimbarde




Guimbarde en bambou ! SAM C='



Little Guimbarde #1



pti trip avec une guimbarde



la guimbarde magique



Guimbarde en bambou de Mongolie ! SAM C='


guimbarde en bambou double embouchure


Matt Goodwin Guimbarde et mark Atkins guitard



Susap, guimbarde de Papouasie











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